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Popular uses for ready mix concrete


Ready mix concrete is versatile in its uses because it can be enhanced to improve certain attributes, such as added strength or workability. This means that it is a favourite option to use in a range of both DIY and commercial projects, some of which we have listed below.


Concrete has been used in road surfaces since 1893 and for good reason. Though asphalt is also used for roads, ready mix concrete has advantages in the fact that it is usually more durable and hardy than asphalt and typically require less maintenance due to being less prone to cracking. It is not uncommon for concrete roads to not require maintenance for decades after installation.


Our ready mix concrete is an environmentally friendly and economic option for building construction, because it curtails material consumption and storage whilst providing no waste. Any surplus materials can be easily recycled, which makes ready mix concrete an excellent choice in the construction of conservatories, homes and basement conversions.


Concrete is a popular choice for driveways due to a lot of the same reasons as roads, namely that it is durable, a good weight-bearer and requires little to no maintenance once installed. As such, though the price is usually higher to install ready mix concrete, these costs are usually negated by the lack of money needed to maintain it. Though ready mix concrete is naturally grey colour in colour, it can also be coloured different hues and shades, so it can be a decorative as well as sturdy option for driveways.


All of the qualities that make ready mix concrete amazing for other construction and engineering projects make it amazing for walls too, with convenient delivery to site.

Not only this, because of its bespoke, delivered-to-scope nature, you can ensure that your ready mix concrete is the perfect spec for the walls you plan to construct. Take into consideration factors such as consistency and the mix’s ‘slump value’.

You also have control over the density of the concrete mix, meaning you can craft it to your perfect specifications – guaranteeing your walls have the correct qualities of stability, durability and insulation.


Ready mix concrete is a fantastic material for constructing footpaths, due to a number of factors.

For one, once the concrete path has been installed it is incredibly low maintenance – meaning that those using the footpath can enjoy a smooth and risk-free experience where they don’t have to be constantly aware of cracks, lesions or potholes.

This is great for when the footpath is built in a hard-to-access location, such as out in the countryside or near the coast, as time-consuming maintenance doesn’t have to be carried out very often.


Ready mix concrete floors are the perfect flooring for industry, and are nearly always the chosen floors in warehouses and factories. This is because of the low-maintenance, high-durability nature of the material, meaning workers don’t have to worry about dangerous flooring.

However, concrete has been making the move into our homes, with many taking advantage of the highly malleable properties of the material. It can be stained, moulded, decorated and integrated, and is also relatively cheap for coverage of a large area.

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